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girlfriend in court over

2014-May-14, 06:45

girlfriend in court over

(AP) A New Jersey man who won a $338 million Powerball Khris Middleton Red Jersey jackpot, among the largest lottery winnings, is embroiled in a court fight with his former girlfriend over the money.

Pedro Quezada of Passaic was www.officialbasketballstore.com/khris-middleton-jersey the sole winner of the Powerball drawing last spring, worth about $152 million after taxes.

But attorneys for Sanchez say Quezada purchased the ticket based on the couple's shared earnings. Sanchez and Quezada lived together for 10 years, have a child together, and shared ownership of a grocery store in Passaic, attorneys say.

Superior Court Chancery Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh refused to dismiss the lawsuit and she denied a request from Sanchez to freeze Quezada's lottery winnings, pending the outcome of a trial to determine if she is entitled to a share of the money, The Record reported Saturday.

The judge said Friday that while the couple's relationship was long term and Sanchez contributed to the http://www.officialbasketballstore.com/brandon-knight-jersey household, the court has no legal framework for restraining Quezada's assets.

Sanchez has moved out of the recently purchased Clifton home the couple shared and has filed a domestic violence claim against Quezada, The Record reported. Quezada's attorney declined to comment on that claim.

Sanchez's attorney says that a large chunk of the lottery winnings is already gone, claiming $57 million has been sent to Quezada's native Dominican Republic, $5 million was given away, $300,000 was spent on the home in Clifton, officialbasketballstore.com/brandon-knight-jersey and $20 million can't be located, the newspaper reported. All

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How Dogs Became Man's Best Friend

2014-May-14, 06:44

How Dogs Became Man's Timberwolves Kevin Martin Jersey Best Friend


This is SCIENCE FRIDAY, I'm Ira Flatow. We all know the phrase a dog is a man's best friend. But how did they become such loyal companions? Scientists agree that dogs descended from wolves, eventually evolving into the first domesticated animals, but that's where the consensus ends.

Researchers have been using archaeological records and genetic studies to tease out clues about how dogs and humans came to live together, but they seem to tell different stories of how it happened.

Did dogs become domesticated 30,000 years ago, or was it a lot more recent? Did humans adopt wolf puppies into their lives, or was it the other way around? Did wolves simply become more tolerant of us? That's what we'll be talking about this hour. Our number 1 800 989 8255. Welcome to SCIENCE FRIDAY.

MARK DERR: Thank you.

FLATOW: Greger Larson is an evolutionary biologist and research scientist at Durham University in England. He joins us here. Welcome to the program.

GREGER LARSON: Good afternoon.

FLATOW: Let me ask you, first, to talk about dogs and how dogs what is the controversy here, Mark? Are wolves ancestors to dogs, or are they more Nikola Pekovic Pink Jersey closely related?

DERR: I think it's generally agreed at this point in time that the dog is descended from the wolf and no other canid. The question is where and how that occurred, as you said. And that's open to debate. The debate was joined again this week with the publication of a new paper in Nature suggesting that when wolves began to be able to digest carbohydrates, and they from feeding in the garbage dumps of just pre agricultural humans, that that transition allowed them to become dogs.

FLATOW: From feeding in garbage dumps?

DERR: From feeding in garbage dumps. That's a popular one popular theory. It's not one I subscribe to.

FLATOW: Well, what do you subscribe to?

DERR: Well, I like to be a little heretical and say that I think that early humans and wolves got together from the time they first met on the trail of the big game they were hunting, and they like each other in many ways, and so from the beginning of that union, dogs wolves and humans were together. From some population of wolves, we're not quite sure which, we had some transformations that occurred that gave us a more doglike animal, and the rest is history.

FLATOW: Greger Larson, why would wolves have been drawn to humans in the first place or vice versa? Where are the benefits for both parties here?

LARSON: Well, I think the first question is really, I think you're absolutely right, why the benefits because they're both omnivores and they're both competing for the same game. So they would be highly suspicious of one another, and it would be active competition. In fact, we know that once dogs are domesticated, wolves get eradicated very quickly. In fact, it's a bit of a surprise that there's still wolf populations left because it's such a contentious relationship between humans and wolves, generally speaking.

But and I tend to agree. I think that wolves and humans, despite this kind of negativity towards one another, there was a similar purpose. There was a shared desire to seek out similar game, and as a result of that I think that we're not quite sure still when it was, but it was certainly the first domesticated animal and that it was almost certainly something to do with hunting and that there was this relationship that built up between human camps on one side and sort of tame wolves on the other side that were able to tolerate the presence of humans and vice versa.

And they kind of partnered up and started hunting together.

FLATOW: Mark, are archaeological records and genetic studies producing conflicting results about when dogs were domesticated? Where is that debate?

DERR: That debate's been raging since about 1997, when officialbasketballstore.com/kevin-martin-jersey Bob Wain(ph) and Carl Vila(ph) published an article suggesting that the dog was derived from the wolf about 135,000 years ago, which is still a date that's out there. It's pretty extreme, but it's still out there. And at that time, of course, there was no archaeological evidence for such a date, still isn't, and so the archaeologists came back and said show us the bodies, as it were.

And the geneticists have been looking for them ever since. There are some there are some old www.officialbasketballstore.com/nikola-pekovic-jersey remains of doglike animals that go back to about 30,000 years. They're disputed as to whether they're early dogs or not.

FLATOW: But you both would agree that the dog domestication took place before the advent of agriculture and this paper sort of intimating that was the reason?

DERR: I think so.

LARSON: Yeah, that's beyond dispute. I mean, there's only two things about dogs that are not contentious, and one is that it's the very first domesticated animal or plant without question, and that it took place at least a couple thousand years before agriculture, if not much before then.


FLATOW: Yeah, I'm sorry.

DERR: No, I agree to that, yes.

FLATOW: Tell us, if all dogs descended from wolves, how did we go from that to the hundreds, you know, of very different species? If you look at the dog shows, you look at people having all these dogs, they range from the tiny Chihuahua to the big Rottweilers and such.

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The paper reports that Tiger Woods' ex wife

2014-May-14, 06:37

Elin Nordegren

The paper reports that Tiger Woods' ex wife and mom of two met her new beau a 35 year old South African at a college in Florida where they both are studying.

"There's been kissing and cuddling but I don't know if it's Chris Bosh Womens Jersey gone further," a source told The Sun.

According to the National Enquirer, the Swedish ex model was "shocked" when the "hunky student" kissed her while walking back to her car in the school Dwyane Wade Pink Jersey parking lot.

There have also been reports that Elin is looking to start a family with her new man.

"Elin is already looking ahead to beginning a new expanded family," a source told the National Enquirer.

Tiger is reportedly not taking the news Heat Chris Bosh Jersey well.

"He was blindsided when Elin dropped the bombshell that she expects to marry again and start a new life with more children telling Tiger, 'but it won't be with YOU!'" the insider officialbasketballstore.com/dwyane-wade-jersey revealed.

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Fantasy football Start 'Em

2014-May-14, 06:33

Fantasy football Start 'Em

RGIII didn't play a single snap in the preseason as the Redskins remained cautious with his knee. If head coach Mike Shanahan is confident in him, owners should be, as well, especially against the Eagles, who allowed an NFL high 33 passing touchdowns in 2012. Lean toward start.

This is Kaepernick's first NFL opening day start, and it's against a Packers team he torched for four touchdowns, 263 passing yards and 181 rushing yards in the playoffs last year. Lean toward start.

In two games against the Cowboys in 2012, the younger Manning threw for just 405 yards, one touchdown and one interception. But the Cowboys have a new defensive coordinator in Monte Kiffin, and it might take more than just preseason to get his 'Tampa Cover 2' defense installed. The first unit, however, didn't allow a touchdown all preseason. Lean toward sit.

The Titans LeBron James Mens Jersey gave up 31 passing touchdowns last season, one of which came from Big Ben. The Steelers quarterback also threw for 363 yards against Tennessee in that game. Lean toward start.

Lean toward start: Vick

Lean toward sit: Schaub, Wilson

Ball, Hillman and Moreno could be a three headed running back monster in Denver, so don't rely too much on the depth chart. See how the touches shake out. Lean toward sitting all three.

The Colts expect Bradshaw to start against the Raiders, but he didn't play one snap in the preseason, as he returns from two procedures on his foot. Vick Ballard should see more action than normal, but this is also a new offense for him. Lean toward starting Bradshaw and sitting Ballard.

Green Ellis remains the starter in Cincinnati, and he got 35 yards on 10 preseason carries. Bernard has 116 yards on 27 carries, and he helped lead the team with seven catches for 71 yards. Bernard is worth a look in the flex spot for his NFL debut. But with BJGE, lean toward sitting the rookie.

The Jets will start Powell, but will rely on both he and Ivory throughout the year. This week, the Bucs come to town, and they were tough against the run in 2012. Lean toward sitting both.

Sproles sees a ton of action in the passing game, and while we're bullish on Ingram for the season, Sproles deserves a start in the second running back slot. Pierre Thomas will have good games and bad games, coming when you least expect them. Lean toward starting Sproles and Ingram (as a flex), and sitting Thomas.

Mathews has a bad offensive line and a bad receiving corps, and he cannot stay healthy. This week, he faces a Texans defense that allowed an NFL low five rushing touchdowns in 2012. Other than that, he's awesome. Lean toward sit.

Lean toward start: Jones Drew, Lacy, McFadden, Mendenhall, Miller, Redman, Richardson

Lean toward sit: Bell, Tate, Vereen, Williams

Bryant's breakout 2012 season made Miles Austin a forgotten LeBron James kids Jersey man in many parts. Austin is still an 8 10 targets per game receiver in one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL. Lean toward start.

Tavon Austin should be a big weapon for the Rams against Arizona. Bradford is not known for going deep, but Austin brings play making ability that made him one of the biggest yards after the catch players in college last season. Lean toward start.

Boldin brings his Super Bowl ring to play with the team he beat, and the 49ers host the Packers in Week 1. Lean toward start as a WR3.

Britt is semi healthy and he's facing the top pass defense of 2012 (Pittsburgh). Lean toward sit.

Both Cruz and Nicks have had injury problems, and the Cowboys played the Giants tough last year. They both averaged about four catches for 42 yards against Dallas in Ray Allen Navy Jersey 2012. However, they are likely both top wide receiver options on many teams, so lean toward starting both this week.

Sanders is closer to a start with confidence receiver. He moves up one spot in the Steelers' order, and a 1,000 yard season is not unreachable for the speedy receiver. Only one team allowed more passing touchdowns than Tennessee in 2012. Lean toward start.

Thompkins has been the talk of the preseason, coming out of nowhere to earn a starting job and Brady's trust. The Bills' secondary has some injury problems, Ray Allen Pink Jersey so roll the dice on the undrafted rookie as a third wide receiver. Brady turned a defensive back named Troy Brown into a 100 catch receiver, so it's not crazy to think Tompkins could succeed. Lean toward start.

Wallace only has six catches for 77 total yards in his past three games against Cleveland. Cornerback Joe Haden will shut him down, so lean toward sit.

Lean toward start: Givens, Hilton, Jennings, Johnson, Lance Moore, Smith

Lean toward sit: Brown, Hartline, James Jones, Little, Denarius Moore, Rice, Tate, Williams

Don't forget that both Blackmon (four games) and Gordon (two games) are suspended. (Looks like the 2012 NFL Rookie Symposium was a bust.)

Plenty of potential on this list of players, but wait a week before considering second year wide receivers like Broyles, Michael Floyd, Hill, Jeffery, Randle, Streater and Wright

The same caution should be used for big upside rookies like Dobson, Edwards, Hopkins, Patterson and Stills.

Holmes is returning from a Lisfranc injury and he'll likely end up facing former teammate cornerback Darrelle Revis (knee), who's also coming back from injury. As bad as the Bucs' pass defense was in 2012 (NFL record bad), they revamped it in the offseason. Holmes is also dealing with a rookie quarterback, making his chances of shining even slimmer.

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I'm conflicted about this cheap jerseys restaurant

2014-May-14, 06:30

Monkland Tavern

I'm conflicted about this cheap jerseys restaurant because while the food ends up tasting good and being well presented I always have a difficult time choosing something i want to eat that I like. I always feel like I'm settling for something as opposed to being thrilled with my selection. The atmosphere is full and busy (limited sets available) but they don't take reservations which means waiting in line and watching people eat is mandatory unless you enjoy eating at off hours.

I've been visiting this restaurant for years and have finally gotten around to writing a review. The first thing I always notice is much of the staff is present for years at a time. This is so rare in the restaurant industry, something special must be keeping them here. Secondly, the music is consistently well chosen and the decor warm and inviting. Most importantly, I've never had a bad meal here. The menu always includes fresh produce from the market. Their presentation is beautiful and without pretense. The portions are just right and their wine list is consistently cheap nfl jerseys delightful. Every time I visit Montreal, I make sure to visit the Tavern.

It's hard to resist stepping in for a glass of wine in the laid back yet charming fixture of Monkland Avenue, or splurging on a night out at this local haunt. Solid martini list, decent wine selection. Loving their salmon tartare, which has recently changed from the guacamole accoutrement to a tomato relish. Slightly pricy but the quality is there. Ranges from burgers, to pasta, seafood/chicken. Can't say it's a an extensive menu, but daily specials are usually good. Front terrace is nice ideal for business or romantic outing. 9/10 !

1 wholesale jerseys out of 2 found this review helpful

Went to the Monkland Tavern on the week end and was terribly dissapointed. Very overpriced for the quantity and the quality. Had the same thing at the Keg last week for half the price and 100 % better tasting. Out of a table of 10, only one or two of us were content with what we ordered. They will not even divide the bill when there are more than 8 people. We were actually dining out for a friend's b day who is a chef and she was totally unimpressed. Terrible food and service. Never again. Not worth it just to be considered trendy.

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